Janssen Pharmaceuticals Internal Podcast

The Greenville Podcast Company is proud to have the opportunity to work closely with Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Trinity Medical, LLC, on the production of an internal podcast aimed at employee education. Janssen Pharmaceuticals, a Johnson & Johnson company, is at the forefront of advanced medical technologies, therapeutics, and more. As a leading provider in the […]

Greenville First Steps Live Event

We were thrilled to have the opportunity to work with Greenville First Steps on producing a private podcast for an event focused on teacher advocacy. Greenville First Steps approached us with the idea of capturing the entire event in audio format, and we were eager to take on the challenge. The podcast recording took place […]

Growing a Greater Greenville by the Greenville Chamber

We are thrilled to have the opportunity to produce “Growing a Greater Greenville,” a podcast produced in partnership with the Greenville Chamber. We take great pride in supporting local, community-run businesses and the economic impact that larger businesses in the region bring to the Upstate. “Growing a Greater Greenville” is a podcast designed to be […]

No Tourists Allowed

Cover art for the podcast No Tourists Allowed. The cover art has the copy "No Tourists Allowed" and the background is a plane and a map.

We pride ourselves on providing our clients with the best possible remote podcast production experience. Our powerful online recording software allows hosts to record from anywhere, without the hassle of technical details. All you need is the equipment we provide, and we take care of the rest. Our production techniques have been tested and proven […]

Books & Looks

Cover art for the podcast Books & Looks. The cover art has the copy "Books & Looks" printed on top of a book. There is a pair of glasses behind the book and a cup of coffee to the right of the book.

We are delighted to produce the “Books & Looks” podcast, a destination for dedicated book lovers and avid readers. Each episode features in-depth discussions on the latest literary releases, intimate interviews with talented authors, and recommendations for hidden gems to discover. Our team is passionate about producing high-quality content for our listeners and are committed […]

Simple Civics: Greenville County

Cover art for the podcast Simple Civics: Greenville County. The podcast has the copy "Simple Civics: Greenville County" and the background are bridges, trees, and city buildings.

We believe that civics should be engaging and accessible to all. That’s why we were excited to produce “Simple Civics: Greenville County”, a series of short, informative podcast episodes that make learning about local civics in Greenville, SC fun and educational. Through engaging interviews with community leaders, each episode explores a different aspect of local […]

Bussin’ – The Greenville Transit Podcast

Cover art for the podcast Bussin the Greenville Transit Podcast. The cover art has the copy "Bussin' the Greenville transit podcast" and the background is a public transportation bus.

At the Greenville Podcast Company, we understand the importance of flexibility and creativity in the world of podcast production. That’s why we’re proud to offer mobile production services, allowing us to bring our expertise and top-of-the-line equipment wherever your podcast takes us. One of our most memorable mobile productions was for “Bussin’ – The Greenville […]