Brand Podcasts

Share your company with the world through a high-quality brand podcast that captures your unique story.

Individual Podcasts

You have a story to tell, interviews to record, and opinions to share. So get them out in the world.

Agency Partnerships

Wherever your agency or firm is going, bring experienced podcast partners along with you.


To make a great podcast, we start by understanding our client's needs in and out. Why do you want a podcast? What are you podcasting about? What platforms do you want to be on? Do you want a video podcast? What about cover art? We paint an entire picture of the project so we know exactly what you want.

Production Phase

Our values are quality and creativity. The production phase is where the two merge to create a cohesive story for everyone to hear. We use state-of-the-art 32-bit float recorders and broadcast-quality microphones so that your story is crisp, clear, and something people share over and over again.

Post Production

Our third, and secret, value is obsession mixed with perfectionism. We obsess over the smallest details in post-production. We're not happy until audio is within two decibels of range, until two speakers are at the exact same volume, until an episode can be heard (and enjoyed) in a subway, and until we say "wow."

Ready to Start?

Contact The Greenville Podcast Company and let's create something great together. Every podcast starts with a free consultation and a free quote.